Trade Marketing Planning

We accompany customers in planning the marketing strategies, the special promotions, ... in order to boost sales in many different markets in Vietnam, Asia, and other countries.

Business Strategic Solution

1.Our experts are ready to offer the most practical solutions for Clients to choose and solve problems in many aspects: business strategy, human resources, finance, and operating,...

Branding consulting

We advise on strategy and build a brand identity system for customers to promote the brand to the public in the most effective and fastest way, thereby boosting sales in the shortest time.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

We provide CSR activities that focus on children, the youth, and the environment with the hope that we can develop sustainably in our business and social life.

Media service

We do services in media such as digital marketing planning, TVC production, event, exhibition activation, and seminar for Clients to promote branding and products.

Project consulting

We collaborate with clients to determine project parameters, develop plans aligned with business objectives, and assign project tasks and resources. We also monitor the progress of each project stage and facilitate necessary interventions

Creative Mind

YESS is the hi-res strategic agency that can help to define the core issues and provide creative solutions, which derive from the intersection of consumer insight, brand values, business challenges and media trends.

Open Mind

“Think different” - A thirst for pioneering and creativity. Discover the unique and effective ways to win.



We partner with our clients to create marketing that moves people. Whether that’s building rich online brands or pushing the boundaries of technology – we create extraordinary digital experiences. And we can do the same for you

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Clean Water

Clean Water


Drone Applications

Drone Applications

Drone applications come from

Electric Car & Charging Station

Electric Car & Charging Station

All-electric vehicles, also referred



A franchise (or franchising)

Samaky Bus Plan

Samaky Bus Plan

Maintaining the tradition of

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

The amount of sunlight

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