The wealth of independence.

Maintaining the tradition of the legendary brand for top-class luxury vehicles, we are redefining the ultimate in luxury like never before. Step aboard and experience a new level of exclusivity, innovation and excellence.

A symbol of modern aesthetics  and luxurious spaciousness.

Poise and assurance characterise the unique design, underscored by the mighty chrome  radiator grille with “Maybach” lettering and the bonnet trim strip at the powerful front end.  All around the vehicle, many other chrome details shine brilliantly, perfectly complemented  by the legendary two-tone paint finish if desired.

Your comfort is always the focus.

We constantly have new ideas for innovative and exclusive comfort in the rear. Currently,  for example, the comfort doors that open in a relaxed manner at the touch of a button.  Or the seat belt feeder, which is simply very convenient for you. And on long journeys,  the calf massage and the heated neck cushions can bring real pleasure.

Ready to assist you at any time.

The vehicle’s surroundings are now monitored even more precisely and with greater foresight, so  that many dangers can be reduced from the outset. From DIGITAL LIGHT to the extended Driving  Assistance Package and rear airbags, the new generation offers a further boost to confidence.

Experience inspiration and first-class feel-good comfort in the rear compartment.

Move the Executive seat to a comfortable position. Be inspired by the electric centre  console and the MBUX Interior Assist, and control comfort and entertainment  functions. Enjoy the variety offered by the MBUX high-end Rear Seat Entertainment  System or work in relaxed style with the MBUX rear tablet.

Unique rear view with  exceptional recognition value.

The two-part tail lights with animated functions are fascinating as a new design element and  contribute to the high value appeal and unmistakable night design. In harmony with the front  and side views of the top model in the Mercedes-Benz passenger car fleet, they form the perfect  finishing touch to this masterpiece.